They would have to take a look at the site itself and then specifically design what is possible and what is going to work well for that area,” she said.She said it is still unclear what can be done to clean up the mess until more assessments are done. http://xn--canadagoosekbenhavn-67b.nu/ We don’t know the answer to what’s possible and what’s the best approach environmentally until there’s more work conducted,” said Polak.

But she said there may be a chance the government will force Imperial Metals to scoop out all of the toxic sediment, though that hinges on future assessments.”If that’s what is most environmentally appropriate, then that’s what they would be required canada goose jakke salg goose jakke sale’>canada goose jakke sale to do,” Polak said.



The Ministry of Environment said it is still too early to determine what kind of harmful effects the sediment could have on aquatic life.Lana Miller, an official with the ministry, said copper could impact the reproduction, growth and behaviour of fish.”The effects that we will see on higher organisms will probably come through the copper moving through the canada goose jakke til børn food chain,” she said.