No human risk from tailings spill officials canada goose jakke retro said Saturday, stoking fears among First Nations communities that depend on salmon in the area.The test results come as many locals and First Nations raised concerns about how fish in the area will get impacted by the Mount Polley tailings pond spill, which released 10 million cubic metres of waste water and 4.5 million cubic metres of silt into Polley Lake.

The total volume is equivalent to 5,800 Olympic swimming pools.The findings are based on samples of silt taken Aug. 10 near the mouth of Hazeltine Creek and near Raft Creek. Much of the waste poured from Polley Lake into Hazeltine Creek and flowed down into Raft Creek and Quesnel Lake.Environment Minister Mary canada goose jakke sport 24 Polak said the area is considered contaminated under provincial regulations and Imperial canada goose jakke sale Metals, the company that owns the breached pond, must show the government how it will address the situation.



“They will have to present to us a plan for how they would address that,” said Polak. “In terms of the specifics, that will all unfold as the plans are put in place and reviewed by our staff and with First Nations.”Polak said Imperial Metals must assess the areas affected by the spill before determining what, if any, cleanup approach can be used.